Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cray's Bday

Happy Bday dear :)
Wishing you to have of course long,happy and healthy life!
Be intelligent as all mothers wanted their child to be :)
Be courageous because mom,dad & God is watching and guiding you along the way.
Be beautiful inside and out ;)
:* goodnight.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dinner date with girl friends

This is not really a date since i texted them to accompany me find stuffs for Cray's 1st Bday :)
That picture was taken inside Get Laud fitting room. I'm trying a floral v-neck romper.
Sadly it did not fit me well since i'm "currently" so thin.

Irritated and angry to my friend Kathy, she arrived so late and kept me waiting! I've already negotiated with Red Ribbon for the cake. Bought party hats etc and Alas Kaycee arrive ahead of Kat to think that Kaycee's from her home next town!
Enough of the hate thing lol.

And so we wander the mall, Toy Kingdom and Infant and Baby's Section to be exact. :)
Oh my i found so many beautiful and sexy things for my little angel. It's hard to choose from this and that :D

After a tiring walk all around, we ended up at Greenwich i asked about the size of their full pan baked macaroni (i'll be ordering it for Cray's) and then we decided to eat there!
Kaycee's treat! tsk she's still like before, paying the bills etc! :))

we catch up though there is so little time we enjoyed the night :)
sigh until next time, i misses you all

Breakfast at McDonalds

We catch up Mc Donald's Breakfast servings and to our disappointment our breakfast ritual/favorite order is already not available :|
the longganisa with egg and fried rice..
and so my hubby just ordered the chicken & rice meal.
I got my favorite pancake drizzled with honey and buttered hmmmm yummy.. partnered with hot chocolate! much more yummy :D
Until next time!

Teddy's 2nd Bday

It's Teddy's 2nd bday!
Celebrated it simply with family and significant
Happy Bday Ted! Mommy & Daddy love's you a lot
:* kisses

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom

Late post also :)
Me, my hubby and babies drop by at my parents house to celebrate and greet her a Happy Mother's Day.
She's always remembered.

It's time to make a change,vote now! :D

Super late post :P
Been busy with my shop and family.
Anyway it's my,ours rather, me and my hubby's first time to vote :P
We were kinda nervous lol.. kinda excited of how it is done.
We were included on the first Philippines automated voting :)) so that's kinda history :D

It's so effing hot on the said election day.The sun is up and no rain came to visit this May of 2010.
Me and my hubby decided to go after lunch since we heard rumors that there's a big crowd on each and every precinct. And so we went there, took our line and after an hour we got our turn to vote. :)

Patience is virtue when it's come to lining. No wonder many people from different town decided to go home and don't vote. I hate that thing that they put on my nails btw >.< cause it took me a week of removal.

Yes alas we're finished! It's time for us to eat since we did not took lunch,we're starving and yearning for a great food & also we're starving for a cold place lol :)

We went to SM and then ate at Buddy Pizza :) ordered our favorite dish which is Sizzling Porkchop with vegetables, rice and a glass of ice tea :)