Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

floral dress, lace top & asymmetrical top

Image and video hosting by TinyPicStyle vs. Steal Floral Dresses!
Steal that Forever21's look with matching cut-outs back detail for more sophisticute look!

and Go casual with green asymmetrical top & black lace top!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

floral sleeveless and chessesticks.

Cray's wearing sunglasses because she saw Elie's wearing it too. On our way to SM for our weekly grocery and then take-out lunch @ Joby. 2 pc burger steak and jolly hotdog,my faves! teehee still kid @ heart.

Saw this cute floral sleeveless . it's on sale so i bought it. Why am i loving floral prints nowadays??? Oooohhhh i still have this yearning sensation for that straw hat that i saw and tried on!! still thinking if i will buy it or not cause it's expensive for a hat. On our way home, we saw my dearest father and then went to my family for a visit. Yummy cheese sticks. I fried them. Given by my sister Ninz who prepared it
Thank you sister :* You are so ever thoughtful and generous. :D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Toys for young girls

Cray's newly bought stuffs which will bring your childhood memories back :)

cute pink plastic bag with yellow ribbon detail and detachable jewel strap that will make it a purse.corny faux mirror! :D
cute flower hair tie.
very feminine trio flower hair clip.

cute bunny hair comb that looks like bleeeeppppp :D
and a hair blower which she uses as a gun!lol
You can also grab these @ Toy Kingdom for your young girls :)
Funny that i'm blogging about this! :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kate Perry MTV VMA 2010 Red Carpet

I like Kate Perry's dress at MTV's VMA 2010 Red Carpet,Sept 12 at L.A.
Keeps it sexy at an eye-catching nude tattoo-ish like Marchessa dress that flaunts her curvy body.
Wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, sutra earrings and a black diamond ring from M.C.L.

Black diamond ring from M.C.L.and her fiance Russel Brand's face on her finger nails.

Mister Donut Donuts n' Dip

Finally today! i got the chance to buy them and taste them! after a week of
Because whenever we will purchase at there store it's already SOLD OUT. I bought two Mister Donut,Donuts n' Dip in chocolate. Strawberry dip is also available.

For my review:
Mister Donut donuts n' Dip
- taste doesn't have any difference between other donuts.
-it doesn't stand out from any other donuts than i expected.
-the only difference is the dip
-it's very cheap. p45 only
-but even though it's cheap, hindi ka mabubusog. so you'll end up buying more than to save money.
-my babies like it but they end up poo-poo-ing cause of the choc dip. (proof of liking below)

My hubby prefers:
- cheap,tasty pandesal dip into Nutella than this one. He said that it's more delicious than Mr.D Dn'D

this number 100 is my order number at Chowking! :)
I ordered pork chao fan and 3pcs siomai toppings for take out for my hubby.
I also ordered Jollibee's burger steak for my lunch! it's my favorite and i prefer it than to order chicken.

Look at my baby! He likes Mr.D Dn'D so much!!! :D
So kewl picture. Licking his mouth-cheeks.

And this is Cray, crying for my phone.
What's in store for me tom? ?:)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

10th batch USA pre-order

10th batch USA pre-order is finally open again!! after a long months of break due to high custom fees and more!
So ladies keep that coin bank alive until the 5th of October because we are not only offering one website to order, but two!
The forever Forever 21 and the much awaited lingerie favorite off all women...the most loved by all women, Victoria's Secret!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

romper of the day

Visited my family. home-sweet-home.
My mom is a great cook so of course i ate big on lunch & dinner. Still thin though. :)
hmm... but i'll take thin-ism as a positive sign :P (thin-ism haha new word made by moi) cause even though i ate big every day, i don't have to worry that i'll be fat :P
f.y.i, i still gains weight!

Found this cute little romper hanging at a shop.
It looks bad on the hanger. But when i tried it on voila.
I put a touch of belt there so it will look more gorgeous.
I paired it with my thong sandals. (i know,i know, i;m wearing it again! i'll buy a new pair soon :P)

i have been eyeing on some lace-up booties, oxford shoes, cute pumps.. and this bow front booties recently... i will blog about it when i already have it :))